How to make up a hotel bed


Areas of the hotel that you must clean


An enhancement that I would like to see in WordPress is a security enhancement. I’m not sure if they have one and I overlooked it but that would help you with prying eye trying to steal your identity online. You could try it for free for a while then if they want to , charge a minimal fee for the protection as long as you have your site active.

Experience with WordPress

I learned how much work goes into creating a web page or blog. I am still going through trial and error to get it right. You have to do a great deal of research and planning to make a site or blog presentable.

I also found out the difference between and I thought they both had the same features but the don’t. You have to page for certain themes and domains in but the other site you can do a lot more for free.

Finals Topic

I decided to make my Finals Project an online resume. It will include information about my work history, skills, and education just to name a few pages. I feel that it will be easier for me to keep up with potential employers besides signing up to websites like Monster.


A comment widget is one that I would like to use on my site. People can leave a message for me if they want additional information that I didn’t put online. If someone has a tip of a job opening that fits my work experience someone can leave me the information about it.